Time to go back . . .

I’m finally back to work on Tuesday after taking some where around 4 months off, which, with the exception of not getting paid, was fairly pleasant. Not to mention chalked full of adventures and drug addled fogs, I only wish I had spent more time working on creative things. All was not lost though, some D&D was played and Warhammer tables where conquered, contrary to popular belief those require creativity, albeit not much.

So after a wasted 4 months I am very bored and ready to get back to work as long as I can continue to stand, of course at the same time I am going back to school (after a summer off) and will be working at the school. All this makes me excited to be doing something at least semi-important and productive. Though I must admit I am not excited to be back at B&N, I love the people but I can’t stand the costumers, they make my blood pressure rise, if it weren’t for the insurance I wouldn’t go back.

I’m off to write something, it will be crap but I will write it anyway.

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