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My cock is too lazy to oppress you.

“Well I’m finding it harder to be a gentleman every day all the manners that I’ve been taught have slowly died away but if I held the door open for you It wouldn’t make your day” – The White Stripes … Continue reading

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Marvel can lay siege to my balls.

Marvel’s new event, Siege, was apparently “seven years in the making”, that’s there tag line anyway. Normally I wouldn’t care that Marvel is doing another event, but this one pisses me the fuck off. You know what happened seven years … Continue reading

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Three Hams will Kill Him!

Had a wicked bad stomach ache today, totally sucked, a few bong hits later and I feel much better. I really need to go get my medical card and be done with this, it works wonders on my back and … Continue reading

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Avatar vs. Pointy-headed Liberals *with spoilers*

Che and I went to see Avatar in 3-D tonight, it’s fantastic, but not without its flaws. Though not those flaws that the pointy-headed liberals are all pissy about, this movie is NOT a commentary about wasting money, it’s not … Continue reading

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Dinobots are better than I remember.

I found a great little Cthulhu short by Neil Gaiman, and as much I don’t care all that much for his writing outside of comics, this was pretty fun. I wish more people with talent would write in the Mythos, … Continue reading

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Windows 7 for Christmas

I was fairly certain I had something profound to post tonight, but it seems as I begin to write I have nothing to say, nothing to say that’s important anyway. I feel like a total slob after Christmas, I ate … Continue reading

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Transformers for christmas

I’m sitting here watching Transformers (the original cartoon) and downloading Windows 7 on my netbook, it was a good Christmas. I totally cleaned up, big time, and I still have more coming. The dinner party even went off without a … Continue reading

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