Call of the Fighting game

Being a video game whore has it’s ups and downs but today I purchased a Dragon Ball Z game, any other day I would consider this a down, but the game is good. Apparently there is a better one out there that I am told I need to get, but I think one DBZ game in the collection is more than enough. I also picked up King of Fighters 12, I really want to get KoF 13 but I still can’t bring myself to buy that before I buy Blazeblue with is much higher on my list of priorities. Though, I am such a whore for fighting games I don’t see why I care all that much what order I get them.

Either way there is something very satisfying about mastering a combo system in a fighting game whether that’s BDZ, Tekken, or Street Fighter, and I do really get off on it. I take great pride in running people through the mill of various techniques used to make up the eccentric cast of most good fighting games, and I take great enjoyment in finding someone that can give me a run for my money.
I love fighting games, a lot!
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