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Trying for nothing

Teriy came over tonight, we had curry and played WoW:tCG, good times. We also watched Heat, which he hadn’t seen, kids these days. Got a few more terminators painted, I still have a lot to go but each one is … Continue reading

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Sci-fi of ’09

It’s a heady task working my way through all (all that I can find anyway) the sci-fi movies that came out last year but I think I can pull it off. As far as I can tell there was only … Continue reading

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Goddamn you GW!

This is the kind of shit that keeps me playing Warhammer, I NEED this fucking model, in fact I NEED a fucking Nidzilla army. Goddamn you, GW! You do this to me every fucking time, I start to think maybe … Continue reading

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Best breakfast ever!

A boneless, skinless chicken thigh sautéed in a little olive oil and shaved garlic, topped with a slice of queso fresco, a fried egg, and a homemade verde sauce . . . it’s mana from heaven.

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Curry Lintels of Delicious

Curry Lintels of Delicious 1 lbs. green lintels 2 medium yellow onions 2 inches ginger 1 bulb garlic 1 quart stewed tomatoes 16 oz. can chickpeas 5 celery stalks 4 medium carrots 4 tbsp. curry powder 2 tbsp. smoked paprika … Continue reading

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Nerd Update

I think this might be my favorite WoW card (yeah, World of Warcraft, it’s fucking shameful I know), not that it’s exceptionally useful, but look at that bummed Gobo. And the name of the card is fucking priceless. Anyhoo, I’ve … Continue reading

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Ups and downs come in all shapes and sizes.

I have mixed feeling about things I enjoy, it’s an odd experience. It reminds me of when I spent a lot of time using drugs, I had a separate life for each group of people I had to deal with. … Continue reading

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