New Predator movie in July, and wait for it . . .

it’s being produced by Robert Rodriguez! I’m fucking giddy, between this and Sin City 2 and 3 (check out his IMDB page) I might pop, of course we can’t forget that he’s pushing Red Sonja this year too! Fuck, this guy is my hero, all he needs to do now is an Alien movie and I’ll have his children.

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2 Responses to New Predator movie in July, and wait for it . . .

  1. sinotuber says:

    Omg omg omg.You got me to go looking for spoilers… looks like the Predators drag human badasses back to the home planet for Slaughtergasmfest on the home planet. Danny Trejo is a mob enforcer, Topher Grace is a serial killer, etc. Adrian Brody is the lead, as a mercenary whose been surviving in an alien jungle ever since the last Slaughtergasmfest.I still really, desperately want to see that Westward Expansion Predator story, but this strikes me as awesome. Just, pure win. They've even already signaled that they'll put a guy in a suit, instead of serving up gumbyfest.As for Adrian Brody… I just watched Cadillac Records. He's really good at playing muted, rational capacity for violence. I still think he would have been better as Joker than Heath Ledger, who I continue to insist was mostly awesome because of the writing. (Granted, his performance was great, too, but it is hard to sort-out him from Nolan and the script.)

  2. EvilGoat says:

    ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG. I can't fucking wait, Che is gonna shit himself. I am going to no spoiler route, not to worry though, I had read everything you posted. I went the same way with AVP-R and was greatly rewarded by having low and no expectations."who I continue to insist was mostly awesome because of the writing", to a point I agree, but you can have the most badass script but if it's delivered by Kermit the Frog it'll still suck. I think that Nolan out did himself on the script and the casting, and he clearly saw something in Ledger that neither one of us would have seen, but I still call it a 50/50 split between writer and actor.

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