Goddamn you GW!

This is the kind of shit that keeps me playing Warhammer, I NEED this fucking model, in fact I NEED a fucking Nidzilla army. Goddamn you, GW! You do this to me every fucking time, I start to think maybe there isn’t anything new and great that’s gonna attract me, and you pull this shit. What the fuck, MAN! I don’t have the money for another army, I really don’t, and nobody is gonna trade me a new ‘Nid army for a Space Marine army, it’s just not gonna happen. Fuck, at this point I would part with half my Eldar (it helps that I have WAY more Eldar than i will ever field) and my Space Marines for a new ‘Nid army. Hell, I would trade Alan’s Tau for a fucking ‘Nid army. Someone what a brand new copy of Space Hulk? I’m gonna cut a bitch if I don’t get me some fucking ‘Nids, I’ll fucking do it, I will! I’ll fucking cut YOU! Fuck bitch cunt whore mother fucker cock sucker tit! WHY?!

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One Response to Goddamn you GW!

  1. sinotuber says:

    Yeah.The poor little things, they look so sad and old as they mount us from behind. I ask them to desist and to refrain.

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