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I [heart] blog porn Advertisements

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Emotional reaction at Wal*mart.

I had a bit of an emotion experience at Wal*mart, of all places, buying clothes triggered this response. For the first time in ever I am able to by clothes at Wal*mart, that’s not as big a deal as the … Continue reading

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My comics

A lot of people ask me, “Rich, what comics do you read, what do you recommend?” Generally I forget my favorite stuff and I rattle off whatever cool thing I just picked up. Here’s the real answer, here’s what I … Continue reading

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The Richard Nixon of gaming.

Cheating sucks, and it ruins games, yet many people do it. In the last few weeks I have talked to a lot of gamers and a good half of them admit to flagrant cheating for no other reason than they … Continue reading

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Weekend update.

I’m pretty uninspired as of late, I just want to sleep. I couldn’t sleep last night either, ended up going to get at 6 am and waking up at 11 am, I tried to return to sleep but it didn’t … Continue reading

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Halo Legends

I’m sitting here watching Halo Legends for the third time, I like it, a lot. It’s a lot of Halo material, and if you’re a Halo junkie, like myself, it’s interesting to watch. BUT, it fails to capture the high … Continue reading

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As a result of so many comparisons between Exalted and Shadowrun, I thought I should go grab my copy of Exalted off the shelf and have a look. My conclusion, well it’s just not that easy, they are similar games, … Continue reading

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