Car repair and neo-classic sci-fi

I replaced my old bookcases only to discover the nicer, prettier bookcases I bought don’t hold as much. So while they look much nicer I have piles of books on the floor in my room. Needless to say this is frustrating because I a) don’t want to buy another and b) don’t want to rearrange my room to make at least one more bookcase fit. Bummer.

Continuing on the bummer streak, my car is in the shop and I still haven’t heard from the shop about picking it up, I don’t want to wait to get it till tomorrow. Ashley has school in the morning and I have to go walk a dog in the afternoon, I suppose I could loot Charlie’s car if I really needed too, but I do hate driving other people’s cars. In fact I hate putting my car in the shop, it’s a nail biting event, I am always nervous about the phone call that leads to a bigger bill. It seems inevitable that they are going to call and say, “yeah, hey . . . we found something broken that’s really expensive to repair and you can’t drive your car without it. So yeah, $1000 please.”
In completely unrelated news, I finally watched Alien Trespass, which had been on my list of sci-fi movies to watch from 2009. Turns out this was really fun, it’s done in a “classic” sci-fi aesthetic, cheesy effects and all. A good solid cast that delivers the cheesiest dialog I have heard in a very long time. The monster looks very silly and is clearly foam rubber, all the sets look nice and fake, and they use the fuck out of green screens with little or not hiding the fact. All this may seem like a big fucking joke, but when you sit down and watch it, it all comes together in a neat package of campy, classic fun. I highly recommend this to anybody that’s a fan of the Plan 9 from Outer Space style sub-genre of sci-fi.
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