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More Blood Angels thoughts

I downloaded the Blood Angels codex, I couldn’t wait, I had to see for myself what was going on with these guys. All the crazy shit that has been floating around the tubes is true, anything on a rhino chassis … Continue reading

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Programming for the devil, no not Google.

I’m getting a Macbook from a co-worker on the cheap so I can start making apps and, hopefully, money. The programming is going to be the hardest part of the whole endeavor, I used to write code a lot and … Continue reading

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I like what this blog has turned into.

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Blood Angel plans.

I have been fairly successful with not building every army that comes down the pipe, I was hoping to maintain that trend, but after a long hard look into the blood thirsty abyss that is the Blood Angels, I just … Continue reading

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Mice for the Weasel Gods.

Ashley and I have decided to start breeding mice for Box and Noodle. The weasels have been a little under the weather and we think it’s diet and exercise, so we’re gonna let them run around more and feed them … Continue reading

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World of Darkness, not crap after all?

I have always avoided White Wolf, mostly because I can’t stand, not even for a second, there goddamn fans, I once hit one of them with my car I dislike them so much. I also don’t care much for vampires, … Continue reading

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Mall of Cthulhu

We did it, finally, we played my Mall of Cthulhu game. It was fun, could have been better, but that is entirely because of my fucking with the system to try to streamline it for maximum play and less messing … Continue reading

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