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Thousand Sons Terminator Update

I have been working on my Thousand Sons terminators, converting the models from Assault on Black Reach, which is fairly easy the grand scheme of converting models. The conversions on most of them has been pretty simple, strictly a matter … Continue reading

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I upgraded my DSi to a DSi XL, I was nervous about it, but getting the XL in my hands all doubts are gone. I love the bigger screens and stylus. I know to some people that might not seem … Continue reading

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Something other than Warhammer

I’m a little depressed these days, money is really tight, and boredom is really high. Speaking of high, I’m out of pot, which means sleep doesn’t come easy and pain is an issue again, needless to say that makes me … Continue reading

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Battle Missions

After accidental stealing a copy of Battle Missions from The Comics Keep, which I did return and pay for it, I have started digging into it. But first a little history, in previous editions of Warhammer 40,000 there are always … Continue reading

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model painting advice, part 2

When you think about the colors of your army don’t pick more than three, one primary and two secondary, make sure to look at the color wheel while you your at it (I use this site a lot, the conversion … Continue reading

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model painting advice, part 1

Remember kids, when you’re painting models, it’s always a good idea to water down your paint. It may then require more coats, but you will get a smoother transition between layers allowing for a more natural look to the paint, … Continue reading

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I . . .ah, weh . . . um . . . yeah, I need new underwear . . . WOW. So it looks like Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 wasn’t a late April Fool’s, this stuff is from a big … Continue reading

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