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It's been too long update.

I haven’t posted in awhile, it’s a little strange to sit here at the keyboard again. I’ve been away for a couple of reasons, some cooler than others, first Alan is here, up from California, second I fucked my back … Continue reading

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The choice is made

I’m at crossroads as to where I want my Blood Angels to go, or for that matter if I want them to go at all. I am really excited about building an all deepstriking assault army, but at the same … Continue reading

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I got spanked and for once I didn’t like it.

Che and I played a little 1500 battle, Blood Angels versus Thousand Sons, I of course was wielding the space vampires. My list was pretty basic in terms of build, Asteroth, 2 Assault Squads, 2 Death company squads, 1 Sanguinary … Continue reading

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I kinda wanna get in a fight

Warhammer tournaments are trending toward 1500 points over 1850, with the exception of ‘Ard Boys which is 2500 points. I think I want to try my hand at a tournament again, I played in several years ago and did fairly … Continue reading

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New Demons?

GW sent out their weekly e-mail stating that the July release is none other than Demons, you know, one of the newer codices and the newest army to the game. Okay, what the fuck? There are enough armies in dire … Continue reading

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Sans torrent

The long awaited slow decline of torrents seems to be upon us. I have noticed more and more torrent sites going belly up or becoming hyper-restrictive on content. has a nice little note sitting onĀ  their home page discussing … Continue reading

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Fantasy Flight Games knows how to get into my wallet

The corridor seemed to be shrinking as the squad pushed forward, forcing the Blood Angels into a single file line. The shadows on the walls clawed at them, beckoning them into the darkness. As they moved away from the door, … Continue reading

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