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Army Builder 8th ed. datafile

The gang over on the Army Builder forums have been hard at work cranking out the new datafile for 8th edition. Their latest update has several armies updated, though not all, it also has the core system updated for the … Continue reading

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What to do with an errata.

So I have the fantasy rulebook and I have my assorted army books, but with several pages of errata for each one I have to carry around and sort threw a lot of stuff to check even the most basic … Continue reading

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Warhammer Fantasy 8th ed. early thoughts

I picked up the fantasy core rulebook today and have been pouring through it for a few hours now, to quote myself:¬†Warhammer 8th ed is like finding out your best friend has a hot sister and she’s cooler than your … Continue reading

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Tau spanking.

I sent the Tau home so bow legged they couldn’t stop a pig in a ditch. Great game, and not completely one sided. Chris was no pushover, but he couldn’t do a lot against so many invalnurable saves. The opening … Continue reading

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Finally have a game to play.

I have an appointment for an ass kicking, most likely mine, but fuck it. I’m heading into Silverdale today to play some Warhammer, it seems like forever since the dice gods have granted me with a game. The downside is … Continue reading

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Bartertown success.

I have my netbook back, YAY! Now maybe I will be a little more prompt with my blog posts. So much Warhammer Fantasy stuff going on lately! Bartertown has been fruitful for me and I have picked up a few … Continue reading

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My future in Warhammer Fantasy

Warhammer Fantasy and I have a long love and hate history, than again I have the same relationship with 40k. It’s not really surprising I know, but it’s the truth of the matter, I love these games but they don’t … Continue reading

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