My future in Warhammer Fantasy

Warhammer Fantasy and I have a long love and hate history, than again I have the same relationship with 40k. It’s not really surprising I know, but it’s the truth of the matter, I love these games but they don’t always love me back. And in the case of WhF, there has been more hate than love, I really like the games on paper and 8th Edition makes it even more appealing, enough so that I want to get the book.

My biggest problem with both games is that I don’t know enough people who play, or are interested in learning the game and then spending the small fortune it takes to get into it. It’s the double edge sword of games like this, I also don’t have enough time to spend hours upon hours at the game store waiting for an opponent to rear their head. This is particularly frustrating as I have tons of models that don’t see the light of day very often.

I have a way to get the new WhF core rulebook, yeah, that $75 piece of awesome is coming my way. I want it for two reasons, 1) I love the rules and fluff, and though the book is expensive it’s also huge and full color (FINALLY!!) and it oozing with fluffy goodness, and 2) part of me still wants to play WhF, I enjoy the game and I want to have the option should an opponent arise. I think those are two good reasons to pick up a book if it’s not going to run me $75.

The other silver lining is that Trinss wants to play, or at least paint some models. She was over here the other night and we painted some Dwarfs i had sitting around, I then sent he home with a care package of Goblin Wolf Riders (for my own game) which she is going to build. If I can gather enough people interested in throwing dice for Warhammer I don’t see much of a reason not too. No matter what happens, or who plays, it’s gonna be a slow process. None of this saving money to buy an army all at once, it’s going to be unit by unit so that I have time to paint them all and have a finished army.

My top 3 runners for what army to play look like this:

  1. Skaven
  2. Ogre Kingdoms
  3. Dwarfs

I don’t think that’s the right order, but I don’t know what is. I am very excited that they fixed the rank and file rule for the Ogre Kingdoms, now they can have a second rank after just three models in the first rank instead of five, keep in mind that an Ogre base is three standard bases wide. The Skaven are ratmen, everybody who knows me knows I love rats so it’s a given that I would like Skaven, they are also one of the armies in the new starter box. Dwarfs are attractive because I love shooty armies but they never really work in 40K, sans IG which dominate, where’s the balance? I digress, Dwarfs are the kings of shooting and turtling-up, a tactic that is infuriating for other armies and they have the most dispel¬†abilities of any army. So, great shooting, immovable object, and damn near immune to magic, who doesn’t love that?

It’s looking like I might start fantasy again, particularly is Trinss and Doug want to play, if we can have a little group that really wants to throw dice that’s much better then no group or a large group that just wants to fuck off. Now that I have said all of this there is one, HUGE, issues that stands in the way, does 8th Edition work? This is going to be the crux of my decision which will put off playing for at least a month while I read the new rules and see what has become of the game.

Wish me luck as I jump headlong into 8th Edition shortly after the first.

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