DIY: Foam Miniature Trays (via Warmahordes)

Mike over at Warmahordes blew my mind with this one, how the hell didn’t I think of this? Kudos to him for such a wonderfully simple idea!

DIY: Foam Miniature Trays If you are anything like me (pray that you are not) then you are completely obsessed with storing and organizing your miniatures. For a while I used magnets to store my miniatures, and that worked rather well. As I accumulated more, however, I quickly lost the ability to store them safely (also, metal boxes are not cheap and are hard to find). Finally I decided to switch to foam trays. Lookign around, I found Sabol foam that works with the Army T … Read More

via Warmahordes

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One Response to DIY: Foam Miniature Trays (via Warmahordes)

  1. Mike Geig says:

    Hey, Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

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