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Band of Nerds

If you’re looking for my latest rant or whatever bullshit I’m spouting it has moved to a new home. Band of Nerds If you go take a look at it you’ll see that it’s still young and needs more of … Continue reading

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New army transport

After reading the make your own trays post over at Warmahordes some time ago I finally got to Joanne Fabrics today to have look at their foam offerings. They had the green foam, which I knew they did a few … Continue reading

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Ravenloft and DDM

After such success with Ravenloft I picked up the D&D Miniature starter set from work, it was a paltry $10 so if it sucked I wouldn’t be out too much. Anyway, I read the little rulebook once and I’m working … Continue reading

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Castle Ravenloft The Board Game

I picked up the Ravenloft board game at PAX kind of on a whim, what can I say I’m a whore for Ravenloft. Anyway, the game plays like a stripped down 4th edition dungeon crawl crossed with Space Hulk and … Continue reading

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Gamma World, tainted by Magic

I got to talk to the Wizards of the Coast guys about Gamma World and the mystery booster packs, and now I have answers. In case you haven’t the foggiest idea as to what I am talking about the new … Continue reading

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Things of style and substance, PAX part 2

PAX was an overwhelming experience, any direction I turned was flashing lights and laud sounds, it’s a lot to take in and being doped up made some of it a blur. Though a few things stuck out, magical things, stuff … Continue reading

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Misery loves a good time, PAX part 1

I’m home from PAX, it was a long, painful event full of very cool and very frustrating times. I saw and played some wonderful games and kicked it with some of my favorite people. All the fun and people couldn’t … Continue reading

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