The miniature game plan

So many games so little interest in them, I know this comes up a lot but it’s something that’s always on my mind, I have too many miniature games sitting around. Some of these game have never seen the tabletop since I spent too much on them in the first place. I want to play them but I don’t seem to have time or I’m not making the time for them, either way it a bummer to have all these beautiful models and never use them.

Instead of getting rid of them like I have so many other models and games I think I need to make more time for them. I’ve always liked playing these types of games so I should just get out there and do it.

So here’s my priority list:
AE-WWII – I’m going to get my German force built, paint can come later but I wanna get them on a tabletop sooner rather than later.
Anima – This is such a small scale game it a wonder I haven’t gotten it together sooner, plus I have a couple of people interested in throwing down. Yeah, needless to say I need to get this ball rolling ASAP.

The other games are getting back burner treatment, all of them being too big to worry about or require a lot of reading to get the basics on the table. But I think I will go ahead and build my Judge Dredd themed AE-Bounty gang even if I’m not going to get them on the table, after all they’re fucking Judge and deserve some respect.

Now I have a game plan, time to follow threw.

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