Holy shit, I like this game.

I spent the last few days building Anima models in preparation to play a few games today. I’m excited, I have poured through the rulebook and I think I have a pretty good grasp, time to throw some dice.

Admittedly I’m hoping that when I get some dice rolling all the little eccentricities of the special rules will work themselves out. Some of them seem fairly bizarre, but I’m sure in context of the game they will become clear.


Now several hours later and several games later I can say without a doubt that I love Anima Tactics. What a brilliant little game, we played games with 2 models and games with 4 models and they worked out great.

Army building is pretty straight forward, set a point value and do your best to meet it with super badass characters. The characters run about 50 points a model, so playing 100 points is going to get you 2 models, 200 and it’s 4, 300 gets 6, so on and so forth. While this is pretty straight forward, picking the right characters can make or break a game. There is no shortage of balance but again getting the right characters on the table together makes a big difference, and just because models are on the same side doesn’t mean they are going to work well together.

The game speed is fast and furious, there is little waiting for combat and once the models hit base to base the blood flies, even ranged combat is insanely mean. In fact the whole pacing of the game seems to be aimed at ending fast, which as much as that sounds like a bad thing it’s really a well thought out approach. If the players don’t get tired/bored while playing because the game is over so fast but without sacrificing the insanity of combat they will want to play again. At least that’s my theory anyway.

As we played through games and got a better grasp of the rules the game really came together into a solid, fast, and deadly game. Something I haven’t experienced in any other miniature based game. I was hoping to compare the play style of Anima to Warhammer, but I don’t think that’s gonna work, it’s so remarkably different that all I can say is if you don’t like Warhammer give Anima a shot.

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