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Heroes of 4.5

When I saw the listing for “Heroes of Shadow”, the new D&D book, I was excited for several reasons. First and foremost was that it was hardcover, second was that in a few WotC employees had said they were done … Continue reading

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Holy shit, I like this game.

I spent the last few days building Anima models in preparation to play a few games today. I’m excited, I have poured through the rulebook and I think I have a pretty good grasp, time to throw some dice. Admittedly … Continue reading

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I’ve been doing it wrong . . . again.

The Fantasy Skirmish game has been lurking in the back of my head, primarily because of all its shortcomings. Mainly being overly complex for what I originally wanted and that’s why it hit the back burner for the better part … Continue reading

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Assault on the Ultimate Universe

I must be a late bloomer, or something equally as lame, because I have just started ready the other books in the Ultimate line of comics from Marvel. I’ve been reading The Ultimates since word go, it really is too … Continue reading

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The miniature game plan

So many games so little interest in them, I know this comes up a lot but it’s something that’s always on my mind, I have too many miniature games sitting around. Some of these game have never seen the tabletop … Continue reading

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Junior ace apprentice update

I have been meaning to blog more but as you can tell that plan hasn’t really worked out, and for once it’s not because I don’t have anything to say. So on to the things I do have to say … Continue reading

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My buttons have been pushed.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with RPGs, for everything I like about a system there is something that infuriates me. Sometimes the things that pushed my buttons weren’t the systems fault, a good system can go bad in the … Continue reading

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