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My buttons have been pushed.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with RPGs, for everything I like about a system there is something that infuriates me. Sometimes the things that pushed my buttons weren’t the systems fault, a good system can go bad in the … Continue reading

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What is good in life

A sandwich and a game, that’s what’s good in life.

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Insignium Astartes

I got my copy of, the legendary, Insignium Astartes. It maybe the single most sought after Warhammer 40,000 fluff book ever printed, in most cases I have never seen this book below $150, and it’s not an exceptionally big book. … Continue reading

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Finally, a fucking codex.

I also ordered a copy of Che’s Nid codex, that I tried and failed to get a few times now. Also I ordered my Blood Angels codex, woot.

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World of Darkness, not crap after all?

I have always avoided White Wolf, mostly because I can’t stand, not even for a second, there goddamn fans, I once hit one of them with my car I dislike them so much. I also don’t care much for vampires, … Continue reading

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Fuck you whitey.

I have a lot of crap to read this upcoming quarter in school, some of it seems interesting, like my WW1 in lit class. But it also seems daunting, I have at least 5 novels to read on top of … Continue reading

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Ruined in transit?

I ordered a copy of PHB3 from because it was very cheap ($18.87), what i got in the mail today was a smashed book with a failing binding. Every single corner on the book is smashed, all of them. … Continue reading

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