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Assault on the Ultimate Universe

I must be a late bloomer, or something equally as lame, because I have just started ready the other books in the Ultimate line of comics from Marvel. I’ve been reading The Ultimates since word go, it really is too … Continue reading

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I can’t help it, it’s true.

I was looking through my comics and came upon Watchmen, not a difficult task really but it got me thinking about how much I hate Alan Moore. He’s the opposite to Neil Gaiman and in the wrong way. Where Gaiman … Continue reading

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Emerald City Comi-con Part 1

Comi-con was great, again, and once again Matt Fraction is one of my favorite people to encounter, followed closely by Richard Starkings (Hipflask, Elephantmen) and Ed Brubaker. As is par for the course some people where a bit of a … Continue reading

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My comics

A lot of people ask me, “Rich, what comics do you read, what do you recommend?” Generally I forget my favorite stuff and I rattle off whatever cool thing I just picked up. Here’s the real answer, here’s what I … Continue reading

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Shopping and nothing of substance.

Sam Goody in the Kitsap Mall is closing up shop so there is a ton of stuff on clearance, so I stopped by on my way to work to see what I could find, I didn’t have an epic score … Continue reading

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Gotham Central review (of sorts) for Alan.

Over at Io9, they where bitching about not having a Gotham Central TV show yet, the post is a pretty good write up of why YOU should be reading this comic. “Why isn’t one of the smartest, grittiest comics in … Continue reading

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Marvel can lay siege to my balls.

Marvel’s new event, Siege, was apparently “seven years in the making”, that’s there tag line anyway. Normally I wouldn’t care that Marvel is doing another event, but this one pisses me the fuck off. You know what happened seven years … Continue reading

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