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The miniature game plan

So many games so little interest in them, I know this comes up a lot but it’s something that’s always on my mind, I have too many miniature games sitting around. Some of these game have never seen the tabletop … Continue reading

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It’s about scale

I’ve mentioned the importance of scale in wargaming a lot but I don’t think I’ve ever explained why it’s so important to me or why it upsets so many games. I’m not talking about the scope and scale of a … Continue reading

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What is good in life

A sandwich and a game, that’s what’s good in life.

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World of Darkness session 1

Bryce ran World of Darkness (WoD) tonight, Charlie, Kayln, Ashley and I played. I had a good time and Charlie is always vocal about whether or not he’s having fun, and he was. Kayln seemed to be enjoying the insanity, … Continue reading

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I upgraded my DSi to a DSi XL, I was nervous about it, but getting the XL in my hands all doubts are gone. I love the bigger screens and stylus. I know to some people that might not seem … Continue reading

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Skirmish fantasy . . . please?!

The intertubes are all a twitter with news and ideas about 8th edition, my only question . . . where the fuck is my skirmish fantasy game? The whole idea of WFB is massive armies colliding on the open field … Continue reading

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World of Darkness, not crap after all?

I have always avoided White Wolf, mostly because I can’t stand, not even for a second, there goddamn fans, I once hit one of them with my car I dislike them so much. I also don’t care much for vampires, … Continue reading

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