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My buttons have been pushed.

I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with RPGs, for everything I like about a system there is something that infuriates me. Sometimes the things that pushed my buttons weren’t the systems fault, a good system can go bad in the … Continue reading

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Gamma World, tainted by Magic

I got to talk to the Wizards of the Coast guys about Gamma World and the mystery booster packs, and now I have answers. In case you haven’t the foggiest idea as to what I am talking about the new … Continue reading

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A little more about Gamma World

I was digging through the computer at work (Barnes & Noble), and discovered a listing for Gamma World and its first expansion. It’s not a lot of information, in fact it’s on Amazon’s site as well, but here’s what I … Continue reading

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What is good in life

A sandwich and a game, that’s what’s good in life.

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World of Darkness session 1

Bryce ran World of Darkness (WoD) tonight, Charlie, Kayln, Ashley and I played. I had a good time and Charlie is always vocal about whether or not he’s having fun, and he was. Kayln seemed to be enjoying the insanity, … Continue reading

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Mall of Cthulhu

We did it, finally, we played my Mall of Cthulhu game. It was fun, could have been better, but that is entirely because of my fucking with the system to try to streamline it for maximum play and less messing … Continue reading

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PHB3 Quicky: New Races.

Being a fan of the “more the merrier” idea of gaming, seeing another PHB makes me happy, that’s not to say everything in here is gold, but having a new power source and more options is NEVER a bad thing … Continue reading

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